This entire project came about because I wanted to get his basketball hoop up off the floor and do something colorful with it.  I mean that basketball hoop was just plain boring!  Now, while I was up in my son's room trying to figure it all out, my wife, Faith, was doing a little house cleaning.  The Stitch bubble blower we'd picked up at the Disney Store last year and an old radio we kept in the kitchen had both stopped working around the same time.  They were doomed to become least until I stepped in!

Let's get started!
I know what you're all asking yourselves: "What does Stitch have to do with Basketball?"  The answer: Not a darn thing!  This project is all about doing what the Walt Disney Imagineers do best...theming!  Think about this...what would you have if you took the desert mountain setting out of Big Thunder Mountain?  A plain old roller coaster.  My son had a plain old basketball hoop...and we just don't stand for that in my home!
I tried to get that radio to come apart with a screwdriver...I really did.  Long story short, it wasn't cooperating and the hammer and crowbar method on the front porch was so much more gratifying!  A word of warning, if you go the violent route...wear goggles!  Save all the wires and guts in a box...the rest can go to the garbage.
On the other hand, you'll need to use a screwdriver on Stitch.  He comes apart really easy.  What you'll need to do is remove all the "machinery" inside and get the wand out of his right hand.
Since Stitch started out as a bubble blower, you'll need to remove that "ever blowing" expression off of his face.  Using some Sculpey Clay, sculpt his new jaw directly onto his face.  I wanted Stitch to be snacking on circuit board, so I put a piece of one in his mouth, fit it into his mouth and then removed it.  Once the clay has hardened, you can glue it into place.  Obviously, you can't put Stitch in the oven to harden the Sculpey, so you'll have to aim a hairdryer at the clay.  This process will take about 45 minutes.  Hold the hairdryer away from the clay about 1 inch and let it go.  Just pick an area and hit it with the hot air for about 15 minutes.  Once the 15 minutes is up, immediately move to the next area with the hairdryer.  As soon as the clay has hardened and cooled go ahead and paint the new mouth with a matching blue acrylic craft paint.  You shouldn't have any trouble finding the right color.  When the paint dries, glue the circuit board back in place.
Take a small, fine-toothed saw and carefully cut the back of his head away from his lower body.  The front half will remain in one piece, at least for now.  You'll notice a few steps down that I ended up removing his legs as well.
At this point, you can screw his head back together.
The last thing to do on Stitch at this point is to glue a bundle of wire into his right hand.