Brandon Hardy
may well be the biggest At Home Imagineering fan out there!  Here is just a sample of Brandon's work...
Michael Wolff and Rick Whitaker
Teamed up on a great assortment of "Outdoor Imagineering"!
Shannon DeArmond
Created her very own trio of
tag-a-longs for Halloween!
Amanda McKitterick
Sculpted this awesome Haunted Mansion candle holder based on my birdhouse design.
Brandon Champlin
Created this army of zombie nutcrackers to haunt his home during the holidays!
Steve Kirkman
Decks out his front yard with these festive figures every Christmas!
Artistic creativity is a whirlpool of imagination
that swirls in the depths of the mind.
Robert Toth

DoomBuggy Productions is proud to offer this showcase of others creativity with the hope that it will help to spark your own imagination.

Have you been busy At Home Imagineering yourself?  Don't be shy...share your works of art with everyone!

E-mail me your photos, and I'll get them added to our showcase!
Return Home
Sent us this picture of her It’s a Small World Clock.  Apparently she had a do it yourself clock kit sitting around for five years, and when she saw my design for the Small World wall clock was motivated to create this great little piece!
Ottar Kraemer
Of Sweden sent us this great video clip.  Ottar wanted to create the Apple Nachos featured in our recipe section...alas, a few of the ingredients could not be found in the Swedish stores.  What’s a hungry Swede to do?
Click on the image above to watch this wonderfully entertaining video!
Mark Hille
Wired with lights and covered with black light reactive material, this life size bride figure was created as a Halloween decoration.  With a Hatbox Ghost in the works, we're looking forward to seeing more of Marks work!
And her husband proudly display their Haunted Mansion inspired hallway.