At any rate...Disney gave up fast food, and we were back to having to go to Disneyland for our "Disney Food".  Until now...thanks to  several cookbooks, a few helpful cast members, and my own creativity and know-how in the kitchen...pretty much anyone willing to jump into the kitchen can whip up a fabulous Disney meal!
Click on any of these Disneyland favorites to get started!
Walt's Own Chili
Monte Cristo
Mint Julep
Clam Chowder
Mickey Mouse Pancake
Disney M&M Mixes
Hi everyone, it used to be that the only place outside of a Disney Park that you could get "Disney Food" was at Mickey's Kitchen.  Disney's well conceived yet short lived attempt at the fast food biz!  There were only a few of these little gems and fortunately I lived near one of them.
Choux Fritters
Mickey Mouse Cookies
Dole Whip
BBQ Beef Skewers
New Mixes added
September 23, 2002